Why is Direct Detection so Important?

Clinical studies funded by the NIH/NEI have shown that screening with blinq is a dramatically more accurate approach to measuring for amblyopia than methods which merely collect data on amblyopic risk factors (ARF).* Greater accuracy leads to a reduction in care costs while improving patient outcomes.


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Why choose blinq?


Unprecedented Accuracy

blinq is a new technology that can empower vision screening staff to detect amblyopia and strabismus in preschool children with high sensitivity and specificity to drastically improve the effectiveness of vision screening worldwide.

97% sensitivity yields a high level of pass assurance, while 87% specificity reduces the cost and burden of over-referrals. blinq may be reimbursable, contact your representative for more information.


Empirical Results

  • Definitive “pass” and “refer” output for amblyopia, including refractive amblyopia, micro-strabismus and strabismus

  • Eliminates interpretation of confounding data


Modern Application

  • blinq is designed to meet today’s screening needs

  • Encrypted data enables screening programs to remain HIPAA compliant and secure patient privacy

  • Intuitive data management applications on the device and tandem web-based tools

  • Wirelessly “push” patient lists to blinq and “pull” screening results, eliminating the paper-trail and floating USB sticks