What does my baby see?

 This question comes to mind the moment a baby's eyes first open. Can she see my face? Can he tell if I am smiling? What about colors? As it happens, scientists have devoted years learning about how the eye and brain develop and conducted hundreds of studies learning how babies discern clarity, color, and contrast. REBIScan and Boston Children’s Hospital's Chief of Ophthalmology, David G. Hunter, MD, PhD, have worked with a scientific and engineering team to

create the BabySee infant vision simulator to bring the science of visual development in infants to life in real time. BabySee is an educational app that will allow you to see the world through your child's eyes and inform you of tests your child’s doctor is advised to perform during well child visits. This app is the first of a pipeline of tools being developed by REBIScan to improve lives from infancy through adulthood.


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Can she see my face?
Can she see color?
Can she see shapes?


BabySee has the following functions

  • Real-time video image simulates visual clarity, color, and contrast at given age

  • Touch and hold your device screen
    to compare infant vision with normal
    adult vision

  • A slider to show vision at different ages

  • Learn official recommendations about what pediatricians are supposed to test at your child’s next scheduled visit

  • Link to scientific articles to learn more about how infant vision develops and is tested

  • Enter and save your child’s name and date of birth

  • Share favorite images via email, text, and social media


BabySee gives you the ability to discover what your baby sees