What is a Neural Performance Scan?

Neural Performance Scanning uses proprietary Retinal Polarization Scanning technology to measure bilateral fixation via the fibers of the fovea. The eye is the window to many diseases states; we are targeting the most challenging.




Lazy eye

chemical impairment




About us

Many life-altering diseases such as lazy eye and TBI are associated with impaired brain function, and because there are so many barriers to early detection, they often go undiagnosed and untreated at critical stages where early intervention can reduce life-long hardship for those affected.

Rebion’s Neural Performance Scanning (NPS) makes wide-scale, early intervention feasible by definitively detecting impaired brain function, fast and effectively. Using a portable low-power laser to scan retinal nerve fibers, NPS precisely measures signal patterns that return from the brain, instantly determining if faulty signal processing is present. Patients can be confidently referred for further diagnosis and treatment, improving health outcomes and reducing treatment costs. This proprietary technology, co-developed at Johns Hopkins and Harvard by Dr. David Hunter, is cleared by the FDA for the screening of amblyopia and strabismus and is certified for use by medical professionals and lay users alike, allowing for deployment when and where it is needed.